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Custom Exhaust and Muffler Repair


There are lots of reasons to upgrade your existing exhaust system or muffler.

Improved exhaust systems boost power levels and lower your engine temperature. A new muffler and exhaust is also one of the easiest ways to soup up your favorite ride.

Brands available include:

flowmasterManufacturer of performance exhaust systems, mufflers, exhaust kits, racing mufflers, stainless steel mufflers, exhaust accessories and tips for cars, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, diesel trucks, SUV’s, and most vehicles. Flowmaster exhaust systems and mufflers come with that distinctive “Flowmaster sound” available in mild, moderate and aggressive tones.

Hi-Flow Catalytic Converters and Exhaust Headers are now available from Flowmaster, the brand you know and the brand you trust!
[From manufacturer website]

magnaflowWhether you drive a street, off-road or diesel truck/SUV, MagnaFlow has DYNO-PROVEN exhaust systems that are rugged enough to survive grueling Baja racing. Each system is designed to bolt right on and provide years of trouble-free performance. Provides a smooth, deep tone that is suitable for grocery-getting SUV’s with casual tow duties to full blown modded drag racing diesel pickups.

[From manufacturer website]

  • Bosal Exhaust
  • Gibson Exhaust
  • Dynomax Exhaust